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Kim Taehyung’s Vlogs provide unique insights to his charming personality which has won over the hearts of millions! Taehyung’s most recent Drive Vlog gained over 8.1 million views and 1.5 million likes within the first 24 hours, setting the record for the most-viewed and most-liked Vlog on YouTube. He has the two most viewed Vlogs on the group’s YouTube channel.

V #FlyToMyRoom - 2 March 2021
VLOG in Tokyo- November 2023
V DRIVE VLOG - 9 July 2023

Taehyung loves communicating with his adoring fans through live streams. He enjoys sharing his favorite songs (including his own unreleased music), playing with his adorable dog Yeontan, video gaming with fans, or just dropping by to say a quick hello.


Taehyung’s Live in 2019 is the most-watched V Live in history with over 504 million views and 1.4B Likes. It was both the first live to reach 500 million views and the fastest to reach 500 million views. Ironically, Taehyung also owns the record for the shortest Weverse Live at 1 minute and 36 seconds. After noticing Weverse had made an update, he decided to cheekily test it out for himself! Here is his most viewed livestream:

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