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Impact  & Influence

Overwhelming Popularity – In 2020, “Taehyung” was permanently muted on Twitter and Japan’s Twipple due to his explosive popularity which saw him trend with over 3 million mentions on normal occasions.


He is the Most Searched K-pop Idol worldwide in Google history.

Instagram King – Kim Taehyung is the holder of two Guinness World Records for the fastest time to reach 1 million and 10 million Followers. He has the highest engagement rate in the world and is the first and only person to have over 10 million Likes on all his Instagram posts. Finally, Taehyung has the highest Instagram brand value in the world, outperforming celebrities with 8-10 times more Followers.

kim taehyung website
kim taehyung website

Emperor of Korean OSTs – V has the two Most Streamed Korean OSTs in Spotify History, Sweet Night and Christmas Tree. His self-composed track Sweet Night has become the first-ever Korean OST to surpass 300 million streams on Spotify. In addition, V has held the record of “most streamed Korean OST” for three consecutive years.

The “V” Effect – In 2021, the South Korean President’s Blue House acknowledged the impact of V who can make a product sold out in minutes. He received the title ‘Sold Out Fairy’ from Korean media after proving his grand influence on brands, whilst he was dubbed “Out Of Stock Fairy” for selling out expensive individual merchandise the fastest.

The leading figure of Korean Culture – Culture critic Kim Heon-sik referred to Taehyung as the Main Character of K-Culture amidst the rising global success of Jinny's Kitchen. Capitalizing on Taehyung's worldwide influence, CJ ENM partnered with Amazon to make the show the first Korean non-scripted program to be globally serviced on Prime Video.

The V Brand

“The V Effect” was further intensified when Kim Taehyung opened his own personal Instagram account. He was named The Most Bankable Male Artist Worldwide in 2022, and selected as the #1 Male Fashion Influencer of the Year 2023 by French influencer marketing platform Lefty.

With his Midas touch, it’s not surprising that brands are all fighting for the opportunity to feature him in their endorsements. Taehyung’s diverse brand endorsements span across the Fashion, Finance, Food and Beverages, and Tourism industries. He is not only proving his versatility and immense popularity, but that “V” is in fact a Brand in himself!

Engage all social media posts featuring V and the brands he represents on this link.

V Cartier
taehyung celine


“Blood, sweat and tears really. Our Global Ambassador Corps finally completed, Celine Boy. Really an actor, model, singer and (now) Wax doll?”


– Min Yoo, Head of Celine PR

According to Lefty, V generated the highest ever EMV for Celine of $274M.

V’s attendance the PFW Celine show attracted never-seen-
before crowds.

Brand Finance announced that Celine recorded a growth
rate of 51% after recruiting V as an ambassador.

The Financial Supervisory Service's Electronic Disclosure System reported that Celine
Korea's sales increased by 513.2% from the previous year.


"When it came to embodying the magnetism and aura of the panther, our choice naturally fell on V. He has the look and strength of character. A personality whose choices are guided by creativity as a dancer, musician or art lover, with this style and this elegance that belong only to him."


- Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Arnaud Carrez.

“Finally! Most wouldn’t know how hard the PR marketers had to work to make this happen.”


– Cartier PR Staff

Following V’s official ambassador announcement, the
Cartier website crashed due to a surge in traffic.

The necklace worth 35 million won ($26,700 USD) that V
wore in the Pantiere campaign was sold out in an instant.

cartier taehyung


“The reason is clear, we see V since he has his own activities, Instagram records, his career path, his hard works, his records, everything. Amazing!”


– Ferita Lie, President Commissioner of
Sinarmas Sekuritas.

“What a great feeling knowing we made the right decision to choose the very best artist, super talented yet very humble to become our global brand ambassador”


– Ferita Lie, President
Commissioner of Sinarmas Sekuritas.

SimInvest app’s ranking skyrocketed, and their social
media account saw an exponential increase in followers.

SimInvest has grown very rapidly over the last year thanks to the presence of V who has a loyal fan base among young people.

SimInvest users’ investment transactions ranged from 80
million to 1.2 billion won ($60,000 USD to $900,000 USD)
for the opportunity to attend V’s SimInvest Fan Meet.


“We are delighted to collaborate with a global artist who is loved worldwide regardless of gender or age. Through synergy with the ‘21st century pop icon’ BTS V, Compose Coffee anticipates even greater growth next year. This collaboration marks a significant step forward.”


- An official from Compose Coffee

"We are feeling the influence of BTS V, who is loved all over the world. We hope that this year will be a year for Compose Coffee to take a leap forward with synergy with V."


- An official from Compose Coffee

Compose Coffee's app witnessed an unprecedented surge,
gaining over 2.9 million new subscribers.

Compose Coffee has seen an astonishing uptick of 72% in
the sale of Citron Tea in just two days.

Compose Coffee appeared 2nd for the first time ever in
the coffee shop trend index rankings.

'Compose Coffee' climbed to the #1 spot on the real-time
search ranking on Baemin, the largest food delivery
service in South Korea.

taehyung compose coffee
Seoul South Korea


“Through this global Seoul tourism campaign with V, we wanted to promote Seoul’s unique hip lifestyle to people around the world. Last year, we achieved 3 million followers around the world and 560 million total content exposures and video views through the 'Visit Seoul' social media channel.  This effect was felt first-hand in the promotional video for ‘Seoul Edition 23’ in which BTS V appeared.”


- Gil Ki-yeon, CEO of the Seoul Tourism Organization

V’s Seoul Global Campaign as the sole Honorary Tourism
Ambassador hit 500 million views in only 3 weeks.

One promotional video surpassed 100 million views,
recording the most views among Seoul promotional

Seoul, featuring V, is being promoted to the world for the
first time through influential outdoor media in six major
overseas cities, including Times Square in New York.

The number of foreign visitors to major filming locations increased significantly, and foreign spending averages had a sharp increase of 264.1% compared to the same period in 2019. 

Legacies of Kim Taehyung

Taehyung's inner beauty shines as an everlasting legacy with his creation of the phrase "Borahae". It means to love and trust for a long time as the color purple does as the final color of a rainbow. This beautiful phrase translates in English to "I Purple You" and was used by UNICEF in 2021 in its global anti-bullying global campaign. When BTS performed in Las Vegas in 2022, the famous Las Vegas Strip turned purple and all the buildings were adorned with "Borahaegas".

Often quotes from Kim Taehyung's beautiful mind are used by government dignitaries, educators, celebrities, and other people of influence. Here are some of his most recognized quotes.

kim taehyung website
"When Things Get Hard Stop For Awhile and Look Back and See How Far You've Come"
kim taehyung website
"I Have A Big
Heart Full Of Love So Please Take It All"
kim taehyung website
kim taehyung website
"You Can't Just Come Into Someone's Life, Make Them Feel Special And Then Leave"
kim taehyung website
"You Are Part of My Story,
Memory and Scenery
Thank You"
kim taehyung website
“I hope we just don’t consider the future as grim darkness. There’s still many pages left in the story about us and I thought we shouldn’t talk as though the ending’s already been
written.” – UN General Assembly,  September 2021
kim taehyung website
"If You Can't Fly Then Run!"
kim taehyung website
"Don't Get Trapped
In Someone Else's Dream"
kim taehyung website
“Everyone has their own history. We hope today is one step forward to respecting and understanding each and every one as a valuable person.” – The White House, June 2022
kim taehyung website
“Hard work will never betray you.”
v kim taehyung
bts kim taehyung

Most Loved Celebrity

The birthday of Kim Taehyung is celebrated like a Worldwide Extravaganza! He is so abundantly loved by his fans, he inspires them to return all that love in the most spectacular of ways. Fans from all over the world generously donate to various Kim Taehyung fanbases who collectively turn the world's most iconic buildings and monuments into digital displays of fondness to celebrate Taehyung's December birthday.

A few of the most memorable events include:

The Great Wall of China

New York City Times Square and Oculus World Trade Center

Burj Khalifa


In addition, Taehyung’s positive influence has spread all around the world, and fans follow in the footsteps of their role model by participating in philanthropic projects to help those in need. These include, underprivileged children, animals in need of rescue, homeless people, elderly people and more.

VMAN Kim Taehyung


Kim Taehyung is the epitome of kindness. His immense popularity is not just due to his artistry or stunning visuals, but he is overwhelmingly loved for his heart of gold and his beautiful soul.


Taehyung adopted an adorable Pomeranian puppy in 2017 who was born with health conditions. In preparation, he had studied about dogs for six months, and met with a dog trainer to properly learn how to raise a puppy. Taehyung revealed that Yeontan (a.k.a. Tannie) had undergone two surgeries in 2021 to assist with his breathing problems.

Unfortunately, both were unsuccessful and he now relies on medication. You can’t help but wonder how Tannie’s life might have turned out if Taehyung hadn’t adopted and cared for him so well all these years.

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