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Kim Taehyung has already accomplished so much in his career, from winning Awards for both his Music and Acting, to having prestigious Titles bestowed upon him. Achievements relating to his individual songs have been highlighted under the Music section. While it would take too long to list everything, here are some of his Key Achievements:

  • Best Male Entertainment Idol Grand Prize (Daesang), Korea First Brand, 2024

  • Main Prize (Bonsang), Seoul Music Awards, 2023

  • Best Artist UK, Top Ten Awards, 2023

  • Fan Choice of the Year Award, Seoul Music Awards, 2023

  • Fan Choice Artist of the Month April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December Seoul Music Awards, 2023

  • Best Fall Music for Slow Dancing, The Fact Music Awards, 2023

  • Best Artist who shined the most in the 2nd half of 2023, Forbes Korea, 2023

  • Contents of the Year Award for Jinny’s Kitchen, TVING, 2023

  • Healing of the Year Award for Jinny’s Kitchen, TVING, 2023

  • Heart Stealer of the Year Award for You Quiz (Solo Guest), TVING, 2023

  • 2 x Melon Hall of Fame Million Album Plaques for Layover, Melon, 2023

  • 3 x UK Specialist Chart Awards for Layover, 2023

  • POP-K Top 10 Best Song of 2023 for Slow Dancing, Idol Champ, 2023

  • POP-K Top 10 MVP for April-September for Love Me Again, Idol Champ, 2023

  • Best K-Music Artist of 3rd Season, KM Charts, 2023

  • Best K-Music of 3rd Season for Slow Dancing, KM Charts, 2023

  • Artist of the Month for September, NPOP, 2023

  • Best Stage Performance for Slow Dancing, NPOP, 2023

  • 9 x Music Show Wins (SD x 6, LMA x 3), 2023

  • 3 x Weekly Top Artist Award for Love Me Again, Melon, 2023

  • 3 x Weekly Top Artist Award for Slow Dancing, Melon, 2023

  • POP-K Top 10 MVP of September Trophy for Love Me Again, Idol Champ, 2023

  • Idol Of The Year, MMA Melon Plaque Award, 2023

  • Golden Soundtrack Award for Christmas Tree, Pop Golden Awards, 2023

  • 4 x Weekly Popularity Award for Christmas Tree, Melon Awards, 2022

  • Best OST for Christmas Tree, DDU Korean Drama Awards, 2022

  • Singer We Are Proud Of, MMA Melon Plaque Award, 2022

  • Best OST for Sweet Night, APAN Star Awards, 2020

  • Best Choreography for Singularity, Soompi Awards, 2019

  • Best Idol Actor, Soompi Awards, 2018

wow in celine.jpeg

The Most Handsome Man In The World, multiple sources since 2017, notably:

  • TC Candler, 2017 (First ever Asian man to win)

  • Technosports, 2023 and 2024

  • Asian News International, 2021

  • YouTube Media Top 10 World, 2020

  • The Teal Mango, 2017-2023

  • Nubia Magazine, 2021 and 2023

Global Artist of the Year, Global Face of the Year, Global Fashion Icon of the Year, and #1 of the Global Choice 100, The Global Choice, 2022

  • Highest Ranking Asian on Top 1000 Most Influential Influencers in America’ List, Hype Auditor, 2024

  • #1 Most Fashionable Idol in K-Pop, US Fashonation, 2024

  • #1 Male Fashion Influencer of the Year, Lefty, 2023

  • Most Popular K-pop Idol Worldwide, Nubia Magazine, 2023

  • Global Body of the Year Global Choice 2023

  • Global Fashion Icon of the Year, Global Choice, 2023

  • Gen Z’s “IT BOY”, American Celebrity Magazine J-14, 2023

  • The Most Fashionable Man in Asia and the Biggest Pop Star in the World today, Pop Magazine, 2023

  • Top Face Genius, Marie Claire Hong Kong, 2023

  • Most Handsome K-pop Idol, Fabbon Cosmetics site, 2023

  • Genre Destroyer, Elle Korea, 2023

  • Nation’s Treasure, Korean Media and Netizens, 2022

  • The Most Bankable Male Artist Worldwide, The Impression Magazine Fashion Report, 2022

  • Icon of an Era, Vogue Korea, 2022

  • Conscientious Taxpayer, National Tax Service, Gyeonggi-do, 2022

  • Diamond Voice of Korea, Otakusmart, 2022

  • Korea’s Prince, Korean Media and Netizens, 2022

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