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Seoul Korea Kim Taehyung
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Critical Acclaim

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Any description of Kim Taehyung’s music would only be complete by first describing his incredibly beautiful vocal tone quality. His low to mid-range voice is unique, thick, dark, and airy, resulting in a sexy, mellow, and soothing tone. Taehyung’s vocal versatility is a rare treasure that was described by the media as the Diamond Voice of Korea in 2022.
Many music critics and world renowned singers (including opera and musical theatre) have praised Taehyung's vocals.

“Soulful. I like that! You have a wonderful voice! Keep him, he’s soulful. People feel something when you sing. Keep going.”

Choir director who inspired the film 'Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit'

Iris Stephenson

“His low, thick, but also innocent tone is an important factor that gives a sense of trust to the musical narrative and keeps you listening to the music.”

Kim Young Dae

 Esteemed music critic

“V had a rare tone not only within BTS but also throughout the history of K-pop idols. The unexpected deep and hard sound was known as his unexpected charm and wedged his popularity."

Jung Min-Jae

Pop Music Critic

“Taehyung holds the note accurately. Neither higher or lower on the pitch. That is called ‘absolute pitch,’ he has such an amazing talent.”

South Korean Grammy Award winning soprano

Sumi Jo

Taehyung’s solo debut album ‘Layover’ perfectly showcased his unique deep baritone vocals and received global critical acclaim. Music Critic Kim Young Dae set the tone saying "In a group, you have to perform a specific role, so based on the producer’s judgement, one’s voice can be forced to a certain way as much as possible. There was a seal… and through this album, it has been lifted."

NME perhaps summed it up best by saying “One that makes artistic choices rather than commercial ones. Perhaps V made us wait for this one, but it was thoroughly worth it.”

"Layover is a considerable departure from any BTS album, presenting the star in a realm all his own... With a slew of live Tiny Desk Korea and band session performances that deepen the connection and help bring his vision to life, Layover lays the foundation for what promises to be a fascinating solo career for the BTS member." 



Billboard Magazine USA

Blurry Lights

“His debut six-track EP lends his husky, sweet baritone to jazz-leaning R&B tunes with a clear nostalgic influence. Personal favorites? ‘Slow Dancing’, a soulful track that glides as beautifully as its eponymous activity; and ‘For Us’, with its intriguing key change midway through.”

Time Out

Top Tier British Entertainment Magazine Time Out

“He unfurled his old school credentials on “Rainy Days,” crooning over a forlorn piano and laidback beat as he explored the refined depths of his deliciously cloudy baritone. The result was an undisputedly umbrella-worthy, new-look, quiet-storm pleasure."

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine USA

“The last member of the K-Pop group to drop a solo album is also the first to demonstrate a distinctly different musical identity…. You don’t even need to be a BTS fan - or a Gen Z music consumer - to relish it. In its essence and message, Layover is universal and timeless.” Music Review


“The influence of jazz and R&B is evident and the execution is slick. It must give fans even more happiness to see V finally explore his own sense of self and produce a high quality album that suits not only his aesthetic but his overall musicality.”

Clash Music Review


V Friends

"The sky is still the limit for the music I want to create."

Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung

Abstract Lights

Taehyung’s first solo project following “Layover” was released after he had enlisted in the military. The digital single ‘FRI(END)S’ is a pop soul R&B track which showcased his rich, soulful vocals that effortlessly traverse between low and high ranges.

“V’s smooth vocals fill the room, which seamlessly traverse between low and high ranges. Through nuanced facial expressions that reflect his unwavering focus, intensifying in tandem with the song’s melody, V confidently showcases his magnetic presence as a solo artist with his distinctive sound.”


Variety Magazine USA

Abstract Lights

“It’s also a great showcase of V’s vocal abilities, highlighting the range in his vocals. It starts in that rich, luxurious baritone, rising and falling through falsetto flutters and stylistic sharps. Towards the song’s choir-backed climax, he adds a smooth, strong backing vocal that soars confidently to the end. The effortlessness with which he elegantly careens through registers is nothing short of stunning.”


NME Music Review

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