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Icon of An Era The Model V

When Kim Taehyung graces a cover it guarantees record sales for the magazine as millions compete to purchase the collectible item

Kim Taehyung is a natural-born model who not only has impeccable fashion sense but has flawless visuals combined with fresh and unique ways of moving, posing, and expressing emotion.

In 2019, a photographer selected Taehyung as the celebrity who takes the least time to photograph because he can take photos with any angle and always look good. Some of his most iconic magazine photoshoots include Variety and Esquire in 2020, and Vogue x GQ in 2021.

Unsurprisingly, Taehyung was the first member to get a solo cover for a magazine and the only person to be given a record six Vogue Korea covers. Vogue Korea described Taehyung as An Icon of an Era, and as someone with a very seductive and powerful style that inspires designers.

Kim Taehyung’s creative and diverse photoshoot concepts, which he proactively contributes his ideas towards, have been best-sellers. There is no doubt he is in high demand from the most prestigious global fashion magazines, the only question is which one will be lucky enough to feature him next!

W Korea Kim Taehyung
kim taehyung

Award Winning Actor

The hallmark of a born actor is often seen at an early age, as role playing becomes a part of daily imaginative activities. Kim Taehyung is a fine example of such a naturally gifted person. He once told a story about a box he played with as a child. It was his favorite plaything and sometimes became his very own spaceship to explore the far reaches of the galaxy. Sadly, the box was eventually sold, and when he discovered it was gone, Taehyung cried. To him it was much more than a box! It was a fertile playground for a mind where fantasies grew easily and fuelled a desire to continuously explore new concepts.

Kim Taehyung the artist known as V or BTSV as a small child

Over the years, Taehyung’s acting in Music Videos, stage performances, hosting events, and reality show appearances may have been what attracted the producer, Yoon Jung Shik, to seek him out to play the role of Hansung! At the press conference for Hwarang, he confessed his reason for casting Taehyung.

“We needed someone who had an innocent and bright persona. The character is the youngest of many siblings and his personality is untainted innocence. He is not one of the most central characters but is a very unique and charming one. I cast all the other siblings first and I cast V because of his extremely bright nature. I fell in love with him at first sight at the first meeting. He looked so cute and was so playful. I was worried that he had no acting experience but after the reading I decided he would do well with some training.”

~Yoon Jung Shik


As fate would have it, not only did Kim Taehyung do well, but he won the 2018 Soompi Award for Best Idol Actor! Since then, the BTS schedule made it too difficult for Taehyung to commit to accepting a new acting role, although many have been offered! Love calls have continued to pour in for years and Star News recently reported the fee for casting Taehyung in a drama would be 500 million won per episode, which is $445,000 USD.

The fans await the highly anticipated return of actor Kim Taehyung, whose enormous talent will undoubtedly shine in any role he plays!

For now, Taehyung has blessed us with a reality show featuring a four-day vacation with his best friends from his Hwarang days, known as the Wooga Squad. It was a spin-off from BTS In the Soop titled In the Soop: Friendcation. It won two awards for Best Reality Show, and was also one of the most popular Korean shows streaming on Disney+ according to managing director, Carol Choi, as revealed in an interview with Deadline Hollywood, January 2023.

Following the success of a well-received reality show, Taehyung was cast in Jinny’s Kitchen by renowned Korean variety show producer Na Young Suk. The unscripted show was a perfect opportunity to showcase Taehyung’s bright personality, natural comedic talent, and admirable work ethic as Intern Kim! His fellow cast member and good friend, Park Seojoon commented that “Jinny’s Kitchen wouldn't have been the same without V, especially in terms of entertainment. It would have been a big loss for us if he wasn't with us.”

His addition to the cast resulted in it being the first ever Korean non-scripted show to be distributed globally by Amazon Prime Video, and increased the value of commercial advertising sold! Jinny’s Kitchen was consistently the #1 watched entertainment show on tvN, TVING and in over ten countries on Prime Video peaking at #12 worldwide. It ranked #1 in the April Korean Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings, whilst Taehyung was the most searched in association with the show.

Purple City

Kim Taehyung starred in IU's music video for "Love Wins All" and received extremely favorable reviews. His passionate acting performance and undeniable onscreen chemistry with IU captivated the audience, while their ability to portray the story's emotional depth resonated with viewers around the world. Comments such as "Face Genius" and "V's acting is overwhelming" spread across both social media and global news.  


Attention is focusing on how V, who is currently service in the military, will perform as an actor in his next move after being discharged from military.  

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