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Kim Taehyung’s gift of stage presence has been noticed by the entire K-pop industry. He stands out as the “Idol of Idols” because of a whole generation of rookies who study his Fancams to sharpen their own performance skills. He has been called a “Face Genius” because of his amazing ability to express multiple emotions so rapidly that the audience is afraid to blink and miss something! This fascination with his exceptional skill is why he has been heralded as the “Fancam Emperor”, with a record 21 Fancams exceeding 10 million views on YouTube, whilst his Boy With Luv Fancam holds the historic record of the most viewed with a current total of over 141 million views.

Here are some of the fan camera channels that are fan favourites to visit to check out more performances! Millions have become a fan of Taehyung simply by coming across a YouTube video. For many, it is their first-time experiencing K-pop or K-Drama, but that is why Kim Taehyung is frequently referred to as the ultimate Stan attractor.

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NUNA V is one the most popular fan camera YouTube channels. This clip features V during his iconic DNA era performing during the MMA Awards in 2017.

BOY WITH LUV fan camera focused on V of BTS is the most watched Idol Fancam of all time on YouTube! It's a video used to teach others how to captivate an audience from start to finish down to your fingertips. It has over 141 million views in just 3 years!

Over 22 million views already for the solo fan camera focused on just V during the BTS performance of "ON" at MCOUNTDOWN award show in 2020. This performance really showcases he dancing skills.

Yeontan the beloved dog of Kim Taehyung has his own fan camera during V's live solo performance of Slow Dancing in 2023.

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