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Kim Taehyung, the artist known as V of BTS, is a singer, dancer, songwriter, composer, director, producer, and actor.

H​e can be thought of as a lyric performer. As V, he uses the freedom he feels with his stage persona, to treat every song as a script, to which he brings a character to life that expresses his feelings inspired by the song. His dance flow, graceful hand gestures, use of garments and accessories as props, and an incredible range of facial expressions all work together in an electric fusion of sight and sound!

His captivating stage presence makes this South Korean artist from Daegu irresistible! Born on 30 December 1995, V is regarded as the most successful baritone voice to come from the K-pop world.

Taehyung is also the most anticipated Asian Actor in 2023 and the only award-winning K-pop Idol Actor to be in a series on all three major streaming platforms - Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

Kim Taehyung’s popularity continues to increase exponentially as he not only explores new genres of music, but different and diverse solo activities. This multi-talented superstar is full of surprises and has the world eagerly anticipating his next endeavor.

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