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Versatility is synonymous with the artist known as V! His vocal instrument has such range and tonal color that he can literally sing any genre. Songs in his discography include R&B, neo soul, jazz, ballads, and Brit pop. His voice draws you in and his live performances steals your breath away. Listen to his songs and watch his videos which showcase his beautiful gift of artistry.”

Dazzling Light
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Debuts #3
global excl US


Debuts #5

Debuts #65
US Hot 100


FRI(END)S becomes V’s highest-ranking solo single at No.7 on Spotify’s ‘Daily Top Songs Global’ chart.


Biggest Spotify debut by a male artist and K-pop act globally in 2024


Biggest Album debut by K-pop Soloist on Spotify (Unfiltered) released in 2024


#1 Top Songs Debut on Global Spotify


Highest new entry of the week at #3 on UK Official Big Top 40, and V’s highest debut.


The most #1 iTunes worldwide in 2024


First and only K-Pop Act to reach #1 on USA iTunes in 2024


#1 on Amazon Movers & Shakers in USA


#1 on Circle Daily Global K-Pop Chart


Debuts at #1 on YouTube’s Global Top Music Videos chart


Trending on YouTube Worldwide at #1 in both Overall and Music categories


Fastest Music Video to reach 1M views in 2024


Fastest Music Video to reach 1M likes in 2024

Abstract Lights

WHEREVER YOU ARE BY umi featuring v

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#1 on itunes in 100 countries

Top 40 USA
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Past Music Masterpieces
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Sweet Night

Sweet Night is the definition of romantic longing! The beautiful, captivating melody has won many hearts! It fosters the images painted in listeners minds by the truly vulnerable lyrics revealing how best friends nearly missed their chance to make their relationship more. V’s gentle, emotional voice proved perfect to set the mood for romantic scenes of the JTBC drama, Itaewon Class. Sweet Night by V won the Soompi Award for Best OST in 2020 and confirmed his self-composed, written and produced solo was a massive success! It debuted at #2 on the Billboard US Digital Songs chart in December 2020. The timeless masterpiece by V has been fondly referred to by fans as "The Queen" for its longevity ruling the Spotify charts to this day as the most streamed song from a Korean drama series! It has exceeded 300M streams on Spotify and raises expectations for his next brilliant song! No doubt it will be amazing! Finally, the most impressive fact about Sweet Night is that it’s the song that broke Adele’s iTunes record of #1 in 102 countries for her song HELLO. Sweet Night exceeded that record and has currently achieved #1 in 119 countries! V is a big fan of Adele’s music and did a cover of her song SOMEONE LIKE YOU in 2015, complete with a Bangtan Bomb YouTube video. Little did he know, his own song 5 years later would overtake Adele’s record! Still a fan of her work, V was recently seen listening to her music on his Bangtan TV Driving VLog. One thing that fans are certain about is that V has an impressively diverse and sophisticated musical taste level.

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Christmas Tree

If you notice a harmonious fit of Christmas Tree with Sweet Night on your playlist, you are an astute listener! When Nam Hye-seung, award winning music director, was given the opportunity to compose the main OST for K-Drama, Our Beloved Summer, this seasoned songwriter immediately thought of the vocal instrument she wanted for the song. As a professional musician proficient in playing many musical instruments, Kim Taehyung was her chosen muse! She spoke of his warm voice and style, which prompted her to listen to his own self-written music. It inspired her to reflect his personal writing style, and the result is a beautiful, romantic piece of serenity in song! The musical score is a flowing orchestration that immediately relaxes the listener, a quality for which Taehyung’s music has always been known. Christmas Tree was so well-suited to Taehyung’s emotional, intimate vocal interpretation that it made history as the first solo song by V to debut on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as the first and only Korean OST to merit that distinction! Meanwhile, it earned him his first #1 solo hit on the emerging artists list! This was a remarkable accomplishment considering Christmas Tree released on December 24, 2021. It is the most notoriously difficult tracking week of the year because of the holiday season, yet it still surprisingly set records! Christmas Tree has become the second most streamed Korean OST in history, garnering over 300M streams. Remarkably, the number one most streamed Korean OST is Taehyung’s own Sweet Night, so he’s literally his own competition! Taehyung currently has 3 OST’s on his V Spotify account, all of which have been nominated for prestigious awards. Both Christmas Tree and Sweet Night have won, earning him the title “Emperor of the OST,” as V’s voice plus an OST has proven to create a guaranteed hit!

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Theatrical magic happened in V’s phenomenal second BTS solo song, Singularity. The neo soul R&B masterpiece was brought to life by V, (Kim Taehyung’s BTS stage persona), who could turn on the charm and effortlessly change micro facial expressions so rapidly that every word was enhanced with increased emotional impact. His incredible skill as a performer elevated the MV to fine art, and in the live performances had the audience screaming every time his powerful gaze met the camera. V’s dance performance garnered a Soompi Award for Best Choreography, resulting in Son Sung Deuk promoting him to the BTS dance line. When the Singularity MV was released, it got 1 million likes in just 1 hour and 28 minutes, and after only 15 hours of release, had more than 10 million views. It was also the first ever K-Pop solo song played on BBC UK Radio. The San Diego Union-Tribune listed Singularity among the "Best of 2018: 10 songs that demanded to be replayed" at number 4. Mikael Wood, The Los Angeles Times' critic and pop music writer said Singularity was the most arresting song BTS released that year and it was reminiscent of D’Angelo and Luther Vandross. The British Guardian music critic, Laura Snapes, selected Singularity as one of the "2018 Best Tracks," and the New York Times selected it as number 20 alongside Fake Love in the "2018 65 Best Songs of the Year." A remark worth repeating came from SBS Pop Asia, “From V's deep vocals to the minimal funk bass & piano propelling the rhythm Singularity is breathtaking in its languid pace and melancholic undertones. It’s essentially a work of art.” Singularity was included in their list of “Top 100 Asian Pop Songs of 2018”. PBS, a US Broadcaster, named the top 5 songs that can turn anyone into a kpop fan. Singularity was included and praised. “V has a gorgeous tone. He has a really distinct way of approaching the music, & the performance style is visually captivating.” Possibly one of the best descriptions written of Singularity, as well as Taehyung’s voice, came from Spin, where it was noted as the song which set the tone for the entire album and of Taehyung, "His rich, expressive voice blooms and lingers, like the smoke rising from a candle after it goes out.”

Le Jazz de V

June 2023 Kim Taehyung gifted fans on the 10th anniversary of his group BTS with two beautiful Jazz covers. This first is "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas" by Bing Crosby and the second "Cheek to Cheek" first sung by Fred Astaire. The recorded live performance by V showcases his legendary baritone vocals.

Abstract Architect
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The music V has created and performed proves his style versatility will never be confined to a specific genre. His first BTS solo, Stigma, proved his outstanding sophistication as a composer and songwriter. His refined respect for space provided an uncluttered landscape to build a song that could accurately be described as an R&B masterclass. The jazz influence gave an easy relaxed vibe to lyrics that were heartbreaking in their thought provoking message of longing for forgiveness and acceptance. The haunting question spoken, “Are you calling me a sinner?” added to the drama and built up to the most impressive delivery of an F5 and G5 that ears have ever heard! The artful way Taehyung sang the notes and then opened up the tone building into a crescendo at the top, proved superiority of his vocal instrument, breath control and ability to deliver intense emotional impact. It also proved that V, a baritone, has an incredible vocal range from warm deep tones to soaring tenor high notes!

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Inner Child

Inner Child is best described as a coming of age Brit Pop anthem with a healing message that has touched millions of hearts with its permission to make peace with the past, embrace the hurting child within, and rise above whatever made life hard. It was written by V in 2020 and featured as a solo song for his band BTS. It was his third solo song to reach over 100 million Spotify streams in less than 2 years. Inner Child also attained #1 on iTunes in 100 countries. Online entertainment publication, NME selected Inner Child as the key track of the BTS album Map of the Soul 7 describing it as "A soaring, stadium ready anthem bound to become a Kpop classic." It was also the only solo song selected from the album as Editor's Pick by the world's largest music critic AllMusic. Another wonderful element of Inner Child is the outstanding imagination of V when he created his concept photo shoot for the track. It was set against a back drop reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night featuring scattered drawings of faces by V himself. He climbed a rope ladder like a boy at play, and sparkling blue jewels representing tears adorned his ethereally beautiful face. The entire setting was intriguingly magical as though V had stepped into a painting! For a video performance, done without an audience present because of the pandemic, Taehyung created a completely different concept! He came up with the idea of casting a small boy who looked surprisingly like him to represent his younger self. It was incredibly touching and complete with a beautiful moving carousel of splendid white horses! It’s truly heartbreaking that V never got to do that stadium worthy performance for a live audience!

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It's Beginning To Look

A Lot Like Christmas

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas by V was a revelation to many who did not realize how many different genres he was capable of singing! Taehyung’s classically smooth, relaxed tone quality, vocal cord closure, and surprisingly refined English enunciation took many fans by surprise. He proved he is a world class crooner, which is a complete departure from any genre or style choices V made in the past. The cover was released December 2022 in keeping with his annual tradition of gifting his fans with an end of the year song. The Bing Crosby family praised the singer for his cover of the beloved classic stating, "Congratulations to Our Friend V on a Fantastic Cover." Rolling Stone claimed "the singer beautifully crooned his way through a shimmering piano melody on his rendition of the classic tune." The song trended for two days at #1 on YouTube. His silky, deep baritone voice was on full display while he lovingly danced with his sweet and famous dog Yeontan. YouTube reactors to his cover have had nothing but praise for Taehyung’s vocals!

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4 O'Clock

4 O’Clock, gentle as a soothing lullaby, was released on June 9, 2017 as part of BTS Festa. The scene the song created was that precise moment between the stillness of night and the pre-dawn waking of a single bird singing only for the moonlight. It’s that tranquil music of the early morning that assures the experience will reach a crescendo with the sunrise! As always, V’s outpouring of emotions in the vocals and lyrics serve to paint beautifully serene settings on the landscape of our minds and induce deep feelings of calmness.

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Scenery is more than a song. It’s a melodic journey that defined V as an artistic genius with creativity oozing from every pore of his being! If a song could be described as a beautiful photograph of life personified, it would be Scenery! His attention to detail as a producer gave us sounds integrated into the music that generate the feel of an immersive experience. One’s mind is quieted while listening, as the gentle beauty of the melody flows along languidly, revealing elements that liken it to a movie score. Every element V integrated into his songwriting and production process elevates the track to fine art and produces an unrivaled serenity. All of this would be enough to captivate the listener, but further elevating the experience is V’s vocal style, which can be likened to a woodwind instrument. His airy, luxurious sound is thick and soft as velvet, creating a virtual warm blanket to surround us with comfort. Scenery by V introduced the world to the authenticity of him as a person, as an artist, and as the curious lover of all things that spark wonder to create a beautiful story! Released on SoundCloud, January 2019, Scenery was V’s first reveal as a lyricist, composer and producer. You can hear him speak about his process in the BTS documentary movie, BREAK THE SILENCE.

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It's Definitely You

It’s Definitely You was the first step in V’s journey toward becoming The Emperor of the OST (original soundtrack). Written by Kim Yoo-kyung, the musical director for K Drama HWARANG: The Poet Warrior Youth, it was the main theme song of the elite group. The intensity of the music and vocals in this lively upbeat track was exciting and reflected the energy of the colorful characters in the drama. No character was more delightful or magnetic than that of Hansung, an important role played by V (aka actor Kim Taehyung), who won the prestigious award for Best Idol Actor at the Soompi Awards in 2018. The 2016 series was available in most countries on Netflix or Viki and continues to be popular as it is frequently available as a rerun series in various markets. The notoriety didn’t end with a best actor award. It’s Definitely You was the song that gave V his first nomination for a Melon Award. He was taking a drink of water when the nomination was announced and hilariously splurted it out everywhere when he choked in surprise! The song was first released as a digital single, and later became the first song on the drama’s soundtrack. The track has exceeded 134M streams on Spotify. With the audience for Hwarang still growing internationally, we will surely see that number rise even higher!

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Winter Bear

Winter Bear by V is a sweetly sung healing ballad that surrounds the listener in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to the most restful sleep possible. Its lullaby quality is straight from V’s amazing heart because of the love for his fans. He wanted International fans to understand his words, so he set his mind to writing his first all English language song. He actually used a translation application to write it! It was truly a labor of love! Winter Bear was released on SoundCloud in 2019 and on YouTube, as a self-directed music video. The song is widely thought to be a song of bereavement to honor the singer's late grandmother, but Taehyung recently revealed it was inspired by the movie About Time. The solo fanbase located in China played the song on Taehyung's birthday while one of the largest known light shows shone over the Great Wall of China! Winter Bear is a beautiful, calming song that has endeared millions to refer to the singer as baby bear, which is one of his representative emojis. This also proves his legendary duality V is the only member of BTS with 2 emojis. The other is the tiger.) Winter Bear has exceeded 152 million streams on SoundCloud and the MV has exceeded 110 million views on YouTube.

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Snow Flower

Snow Flower is a smooth jazz masterpiece with retro guitar, genius DJ style adlibs, and gorgeous vocals! Inspired by one part Christmas romance and another part gratitude for the angels in white caring for the sick during the pandemic. It is a mood lifting wonder loved by all who are fortunate enough to have discovered this musical treasure! Written by V for his fans in only three hours, it features one of his closest friends and Wooga Squad member, Peakboy. Released as a gift on Soundcloud Christmas Day 2020, Snow Flower was meant to cheer everyone up during the time when many were homebound. It has become a fan favorite that is streamed year round despite the Christmas theme. The song is just too good to wait until the holiday season!

Unreleased Masterpieces by V
Like many geniuses, the talented songwriter Kim Taehyung strives for the perfect song.  He has provided rare insights to his thoughts by sharing clips of unreleased music.  Each time he does this, the world lets out a collective sigh at the beauty of the lyrics and melodies.  

A beautiful human with a beautiful soul, making humanity feel through his music.  The world awaits with baited breath for the artist's first solo album.  Here is a sample of just some of the unreleased music fans were able to record in time.

There are many YouTube videos and SoundCloud Music updates if you want to locate more try using key words "BTS V Unreleased Songs".


A song about being happy and sharing all of your colors confidently with someone you love.


To listen on SoundCloud use this link.

Known Lyrics

Travel With Me

Don't you Want to Get Away?

Don't you Want to Run Away?

I Can Take You to Anywhere!

Glide With Me Any Way

For I am In The Night

Sunrise is On The Way

Just Take a Ride With Me

'Cause I'm Ready

And The Light Will Guide

Us To A Million Stars

My Love, Just Hold My Hand

In The Air, It's You and I

and Clouds Are Dissapearing

So Hold On Tight

And In The Air

I Wanna Draw You In Happiness

And Show You All My Colors To You 

Just Tell Me You Love Me

And I Could Give You Everything

Then That Will Be The Best Part of Me

Oh Oh

Shake My Hand It's A Promise

Win The Hopeless, When I'm Nothing

Talking All Night, We're Gonna Make It

I Love You, It's So Easy

Patience Is Only Thing You Ever Wanted

I'm Gonna Prepare, You Shot at Me Baby

Oh Oh Ooooohhhh

Water Drops


A Rhythm and Blues Masterpiece

To listen on SoundCloud use this link.

Known Lyrics

The Worst Was Given To Me

From The Heart Of The Loveless...

I Played The Game,

Fixed The Puzzles

Though, I'm Missing Pieces

And It Looked My Life Is Just Perfect

But, Behind This Smile

It Really Hurts Me

I'm Trying To Save My Love

Saving Myseee-eelf

With An Umbrella

The Worst Was Given To Me

From The Heart of The Loveless....

I played The Game,

Fixed The Puzzles

Though, I'm Missing Pieces

And It Looked My Life Is Just Perfect

But, Behind This Smile

It Really Hurts Me

I'm Trying To Save My Love

Saving Myseee-eeelf

With An Umbrella....


A song written for fans to help them sleep.

This masterpiece showcases his sensual vocals.

To listen on SoundCloud use this link.

Known Lyrics

A Quiet Night Comes To Me

On Staring Through The Window

Vacantly I See

That The Clouds 

Are Walking Even Now 

It's A Night Where The Sounds

of The Tossing and Turning

of The Blanket Disappears Slowly

A Night That Grew Warm and Cozy


Can I Go To Bed And Sleep Tonight

May I Lay My Body On You Now

I'll Come Back To Tell You

Another Story Of Mine


May I Lean My Body On You Tonight?

Day And Night, I Think Of You

In My Dreams

Cracked Earth


This song makes fans feel all the emotions.

To listen on SoundCloud use this link.

Known Lyrics 

I See Your Smile,

I Smile Too

I See You Cry,

I'm Crying Too

Since You're Not Here

No Smile In The Night

I'm All By Myself

9 Feet Under




To listen to on SoundCloud use this link.

Known Lyrics

I Heard That You're Settled Down

That You Found A Boy

That You're Married Now

I Heard That Your Dreams Come True

Guess He Gave You Things

I Didn't Give To You

Old Friend Why Are You So Shy?

Ain't Like You To Hold Back

Or Hide From The Light

I Hate To Turn Up Out Of The Blue

Uninvited But I Couldn't Stay Away

I Couldn't Fight It

I'd Hope You See My Face

And That You'd Be Reminded

That For Me

It Isn't Over

Abstract Lights


To listen on SoundCloud use this link.

Known Lyrics 

I'm Thinking Like It

We Should Believe

We Should Begin There

Something I Like

I'm Feeling It, Something Alive

Wish, Hope, Your Love Might Come

No Doubt

Ey Come And Tell Me A Story

With "I Want You To Stay"

If I'm Out Underwater

and I Want You To Stay

I'm Breathing Right 

You're Breathing Warily

One Day Will You Be

My Sunrise In The Fall

And Two Words I Never Used To Say

At Three In The Morning

I'm Still Thinking Of You

But For EverMore I Love You

Oh You Should Grab Me

Falling Behind You Slowly

Oh We Should Fall In

End Up Falling In Deep

We Like To Party In The Night

First Hurry And Then

You Win Me

Let Me Be In Love With You


To listen on SoundCloud use this link.

Known Lyrics

Every Night, I'm So In Light,

How True, Do You Say, Hold Me Tight

Every Night, Hold Myself, 

Every time I Love You In Slow Motion

Let It Be All For Me, Tell Me,

I'm Gonna Love You Baby

It's Not Over My Baby

I Wanna Make Love You Baby

I Just Wanna Love

I Wanna Say,

Let It Be In The Inside

And I Want You In This Sky

I Will Love You In Slow Motion

And I Like You In This Sky,

For Myself,

Let It Be In Slow Motion Girl!

 V Version
Blue and Grey

It was a tranquil setting bathed in nature’s  finest splendor, when mid-lake sitting in a canoe, handsome V shared his self-composed English song, Blue & Grey. His presence in the idyllic setting of sparkling water and lush green was a healing sight, as his deepest pain was revealed to fans suffering the same uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic. It was a clarifying moment conveying the thought metaphorically that we were all in the same boat, a sentiment V would later express in a Weverse interview. 


The question, “Where’s my angel?” was a plea for divine intervention in a scenario that had us all “sick and tired of everything.” It is precisely this common sense of relatability that V brings to his music in a way that relieves the listener of burdens too heavy to bear alone. As he released his own depression and anxiety through his creative process, listeners found the same relief in the song’s message and beautiful haunting melody.


Blue & Grey, featured on the 'BE' album,  ranked 13th on the Billboard HOT 100 main chart, the best record in K-pop for a B-side song. Coming in at number 9 on the Billboard Global 200, It also became BTS’ 3rd top 10 hit on the chart. It was praised by critics around the world, and many of their quotes can be found on the song’s Wikipedia page. 


Blue & Grey was originally intended for V’s mixtape. (Note, award winning OST, Sweet Night, was also intended for his mixtape!) Without a doubt, the critical and commercial success of Blue & Grey is an eye opener in regard to the quality we can expect from V’s coming solo album! His use of color to lyrically paint a world grey with overwhelming emotion is ironically a gift of release. As V’s angelic voice ends the ballad with “Goodnight,” we are reminded that as the sunlight casts the longest shadows before darkness settles in, morning will come bursting forth and change the blue of depression into a brilliantly lit sky promising a brighter day! Video Link

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