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Kim Taehyung is a true artistic genius. This is not limited to just musical artistry, but many different forms of art. He even has a brand name for his creative alter-ego called “Vante”.

Taehyung first introduced Vante via a Twitter post on June 3, 2017 explaining it is named after the artist Van Gogh and photographer Ante Badzim. Vante has blessed us with many breathtaking photographs, unique paintings, and created customized designs for clothing. Not surprisingly, Taehyung’s fans would love to see a Vante Art Exhibition become reality. Perhaps even his own Vante clothing line, which following the massive success of his self- designed Mute Boston Bag, would no doubt be suave, sophisticated and a best seller!


Inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat, Egon Schiel and Vincent Van Gogh, Vante paintings usually feature a recurring motif of abstracted facial features in contrasting colors.  This same style is reflected in his clothing designs and Artist-Made Collection Brooches.  More recently, he showcased a different style consisting of a large vibrant, abstract and contemporary painting titled "You make me wanna be a better man."

Vante style painting is also visually represented in his 2023 music video Rainy Days.


Kim Taehyung lovingly shares his breathtaking Vante photographs with his fans via Twitter, Weverse and more recently, his own personal Instagram account where they have garnered between 13M-17.5M likes.

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