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Kim Taehyung

Radio Spins in USA are highly valued since they help contribute to the Billboard USA charts. There are several stations that have request hour and forms for fans to request a song added to their station's libraries. We have compiled a list of station's who are currently playing V's songs from Layover, collaboration song with UMI, older BTS solo songs or we see a good match for the station to add for their listeners. Follow on Twitter (X) @taehyungpromo for fandom targets. Use this link to request daily.


Follow on Twitter (X) @kth_shazam for shazam guidelines too since shazams will move songs up priority list for DJs in USA.

Have an Alexa in USA? Ask it to song request Friends by V of BTS to station C100 in LA. This helps the algorithm spread it to iHeartRadio stations the largest network in USA.

Email daily to request Friends by V of BTS to

Engage on social media all radio station posts that advertise they spin V's songs.

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Use on all social media platforms no credit necessary
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Engaging for v

Follow our main trending and news accounts on social media!


On Twitter, the account fans should follow is @naver_taehyung. They are dedicated to listing the meaningful news articles to like daily for Taehyung. This is incredibly important for the artist's brand ranking on his home turf. Outside of Korea, it's easy to sign up for a Naver (news) account using your own Facebook.


All Fans should kindly read "Ranking for Taehyung" guide on this link


Follow this Twitter account @VGlobalUnion to check daily for updates on which # to use and at what time (in Korea) to use them.

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Follow @THV

Kim Taehyung has the highest engagement on Instagram in the world. Please help us by doing your part. It is very simple. First, follow the celebrity on Instagram at this link.

Next, ENGAGE daily with his Instagram account. Please like, share, and bookmark at least one of his posts each day to keep his engagement of followers the highest in the world. 

Hashtags to use

Twitter Tips

Do Not Use more than 4 hashtags in a post. His first name "Taehyung" was muted on this platform due to popularity so do not use it as a solo hashtag. Instead, we trend #KimTaehyung #BTSV #V on Twitter.

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Always Use #Taehyung as the first hashtag. If you want to add more hashtags then add #BTSV #V #KimTaehyung 

Current Brand tags to use:



#ComposeCoffeexV #VxComposeCoffee #UMIxV #V_Friends

To trend songs, tag V then the song name like this: #V_SlowDancing

All fans please follow V on Melon

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Searching for V


Kim Taehyung has been at the top of global internet searches for years. Let's help keep his name shining brightly! Once daily we ask fans to type "Kim Taehyung" in their internet browser search bar and then scroll to any article or his wikipedia page and read it for at least 2 minutes for view counts.

Wikipedia page link to Kim Taehyung (V Singer)

Korean version of V's news page link to read any article for at least 2 minutes daily.

Weverse for v

Kim Taehyung reads, responds and does live chats with fans on Weverse App! Please download and leave a daily comment for him there on the BTS feed with this hashtag #to_v

Suggested comments that have been translated to Korean can be found at this link.

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